If you don’t only like spicy tax law, then you can spice up your dishes with our fiery Chili-Mix from the Alps!

Our unique Alpine Chili-Mix contains only original herbs and spices from the Alps. The chili varieties used have all grown on sunny mountainsides.

The degree of hotness of this Alpine seasoning mix varies between 3 and 4. The combination of chili with paprika, garlic, onion and ginger is a unique culinary experience.

This Alpine Chili-Mix goes perfectly with cheese dishes, Raclette, fish, meat and poultry and with grilled dishes.  This fiery blend is also very suitable for seasoning sandwiches and or salad dressings, dips, sauces and soups with a wonderful and special flavour. Of course, you can also use our spicy Bavarian seasoning as a condiment.

If you didn’t receive our Alpine Chili-Mix at the launch of BLOMBERG, please, contact us and it will be our pleasure to send it to you!



Hot Chili Butter: Create a taste explosion even if you don’t have much time!

Ingredients for 150grams of butter:

75 g dried tomatoes (in oil),

our Alpine Chili-Mix,

1 clove of garlic,

150 g butter (at room-temperature),



First, cut the dried tomatoes into not too small pieces. Then put 150 g of butter (at room temperature), a crushed clove of garlic, our Alpine Chili-Mix and salt into a bowl and mix everything until light-yellow and creamy.

Take a piece of aluminium or plastic foil, place the butter in the middle of the foil and form the foil into a roll. Afterwards you can seal the sides of the roll like a candy wrapper. After cooling the butter down in the fridge for about one hour, you can enjoy it on a sandwich, with pizza bread or with your barbecue.

Fiery-fruity medallions of pork with Alpine Chili and plums

8 pork tenderloin medallions of about 60 g, 11 soft plums, 20 g of mixed seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame, buckwheat, flax seeds, poppy seeds, etc.), our Alpine Chili-Mix, 8 slices of bacon and oil for grilling


First, chop 3 of the soft plums and mix them with the seeds to create a perfect blend. Add some of our Alpine Chili-Mix to the plum-and-seed mixture. Now you can cut the remaining plums and fill them with the plum-and-seed mixture.
For the next step you need a sharp knife to cut a big pocket into the pork medallions. Fill every pocket with one of the soft plums. Season the medallions with Alpine Chili and wrap each of them into one slice of Bacon. Please make sure the Bacon covers the plum in the medallion completely.

You can secure the Bacon with a toothpick, with a pin for roulades or with some kitchen twine. Then put some oil on the medallions before grilling them for About 12 minutes.


Crushed red chili, crushed habanero chili, green jalapeño, granulated red paprika, garlic, onions, ginger.