BLOMBERG: High-end boutique for tax law and company law


We are a reliable strategic partner for entrepreneurs, companies and financial investors looking for tax specialists with years of experience and an economic eye for the important things. Thanks to our many years of experience in the dynamic M&A business, we act for you at eye level with the other parties involved.

We structure the transaction, provide support in contract negotiations and accompany the implementation, especially in the case of:



How does BLOMBERG successfully realise complex structures? We rely on our tax expertise and company law know-how as well as our logical and analytical thinking but also our creativity. We’ll create and implement the following for you:

What’s more, we regularly advise entrepreneurs and companies in Germany and abroad as well as their tax advisors and chartered accountants. We also assist with complex, specialised tax matters in German and international corporate tax law.




On your behalf, we’ll gladly argue with the revenue authorities! As your solution-oriented advisor, we can also seek a cost-efficient solution, ideally before a tax audit even ends. Should matters escalate, we will represent you in any appeals procedure and legal proceedings versus

Because we also deal with revenue authorities as attorneys-at-law, we are often called in by tax advisors to assist with complicated tax disputes.




Benefit from our seemingly paradoxical combinations:

  • We’re a small boutique, yet we offer the expertise of a large law firm in our chosen fields.
  • We’re dedicated attorneys-at-law, but also provide you with the economic vision of a tax advisor.
  • We’re strictly logical, yet we always have creative solutions at hand for you.


Why Blomberg?

  • We’ll advise you quickly in a straightforward and practical manner.
  • Instead of incomprehensible written statements, you’ll receive clear recommendations for action and a risk assessment.