Steuerrecht Deutschland

We advise you personally – from the North Sea to the Alps

You’re not based in Munich? That’s no problem at all for us. We’ll gladly advise you or represent you in court.

In fact, most of our clients are based outside Bavaria – they are scattered throughout Germany. We remotely advise clients all the time – whether by telephone or, for example, via Zoom, Teams oder Skype. And because partners run our law office, we are in close contact with all clients – even if they are far from Munich. You will not experience anonymous online advising with us.

On the contrary, modern technologies mean that it doesn’t matter if you’re on the same street or a different continent. Phone and video conferences allow us to communicate anywhere, anytime at short notice. And there are always emails, too.

Here, there and anywhere!

All the same, we prefer to get acquainted in person. We’ll gladly travel to wherever you are so that we can get to know each other without any commitment, or also for a consultation or even a court hearing.

Please contact us today! We’re eager to help you.