German companies doing business abroad

internationales Steuerrecht BLOMBERG München

doing business outside germany can be wonderful!

Your company is based in Germany and you would like to pursue operations in a different country? Through a foreign subsidiary, a foreign permanent establishment, or by working with foreign production/distribution/sales partners?

The possibilities to become internationally active are endless.

In order to achieve a tax-efficient structure for your undertaking abroad, it is essential to coordinate domestic and foreign matters. The following factors almost always play a role:

  • domestic tax law
  • foreign tax law
  • double taxation agreement
  • EU law (in part also for the EEA).

Since these factors are not always aligned, there are more opportunities than in purely domestic business – but also more risks.

As a small boutique, we rely in international business on proven colleagues in each country.

Consulting from a German perspective

We can advise you on the tax consequences of your investments from a German perspective. At the same time, we examine the effects of your operations separately for each country. After all, even if it has paid off for you to use a certain structure for an investment in country A, it may be that an investment in country B should be set up differently for tax reasons. In fact, the best way regarding taxation might be (indirectly) through country C.

Abroad: Collaboration with specialists for international tax law

We partner with foreign advisors on the examination and legal implementation outside of Germany.

Our networks

If necessary, we can select a suitable advisor for you in most countries. As a high-end German boutique, we do not have offices in other countries. And we are not boxed in by a rigid network. Since we are not obliged to anyone, we only work with colleagues who have proven their excellence.

For this purpose, we have established personal networks in which we invest a lot of time. In fact, one of our partners was president of the tax commission of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) from 2014 to 2019. In addition, all BLOMBERG partners are members of the International Fiscal Association (IFA).

We maintain these contacts by holding specialist presentations worldwide on international tax law.

Your foreign advisors

Because we are not active abroad ourselves, we will gladly work closely with your trusted foreign consultants, as we are not competitors. In our experience, this is very beneficial to working together.