Umwandlung BLOMBERG München

There is often significant potential for improving a corporate structure.

There is often significant potential for improving a corporate structure. We can prepare an analysis of your company for you and examine where adjustments would make sense for tax and corporate law purposes.

As lawyers, we always take the necessary time to discuss your goals and the reasons for a reorganisation; we also make sure that we all see the big picture.

Together, we can simulate various forms of restructuring, as a closer examination sometimes reveals opportunities that we might not discover otherwise. In addition, we never overlook economic aspects. A successful combination of legal and economic considerations is the best basis for successful solutions.

If you already have a specific reorganisation in mind, we will gladly implement it for you in terms of corporate law and taxation.

Reorganisations are the pinnacle of our work. We enjoy analysing what already exists, imagining what could be, and examining what must happen. Here we can thoroughly bring to bear our creativity as lawyers and tax consultants. Always with both tax law and corporate law in mind.

There are many ways of changing an existing corporate structure through a reorganisation. Typical reorganisation measures are:

  • Mergers
  • Accrual
  • Changes of legal form
  • Splits
  • De-facto splitting of companies
  • Contribution

Cross-border reorganisations within the EU are also possible – we then work together with suitably qualified colleagues from the respective country.

As double-qualified lawyers and tax consultants, we ensure first and foremost that each reorganisation is not only effective under company law, but is also as tax-neutral as possible. We always regard reorganisation law and tax law as interconnected to ensure that you really benefit from restructuring. Should obstacles arise, we will present you with alternatives and support you in all your decisions.

We are also happy to assist you in the subsequent implementation of the reorganisation. We can draft the documents and organise notarial appointments; if you so choose, we can also act on your behalf. And we are there when the reorganisation palpably affects your company; from the right accounting record to the letter of notification to your customers, we offer you all the support you need.