Steueranwalt München

We are specialised and tailor our areas of expertise for your benefit



In corporate transactions (M&A), you benefit in particular from our many years of experience. And the dynamics of a transaction suit our agile boutique.

Even with complex transactions and under high time pressure, we attach importance to ensuring that the transaction is structured as well as possible for you from a tax perspective. We support you in the run-up, we accompany you during the transaction and we are still at your side afterwards.

As dual profession lawyers and tax advisors, we understand not only the legal and tax aspects, but also the economic aspects.



You would like to improve the tax position of your company? Would you like to arrange your company succession? Should the transfer happen during your lifetime or only in the event of your death? In all these cases, a well-considered arrangement is indispensable. With our logical and analytical thinking and creative ideas, we are happy to take on the challenge.

As lawyers and tax advisors, we develop the tax concept of an arrangement and then also support you in its implementation. Entrepreneurs and companies benefit from us as “tax advisor lawyers”.

In the structuring area, we offer in particular:



Defending against unjustified tax claims is a special challenge. What counts here is not only tax expertise but also our willingness to see a dispute through.

The tax office can issue notices, so it initially has an advantage. But you can defend yourself. With the appropriate persistence, it is often possible to assert your position in court proceedings.

However, it is best not to let it get that far and to find a solution in advance, during a tax audit or (more rarely) in an appeals procedure.

As lawyers and tax advisors, we can counter the tax authorities on a legal level.


not our thing

We know what we do very well. But we also know what we do not excel at. We have amassed expertise in our specialities. If we don’t have a wealth of experience in a certain area, then we don’t work in it. Although we’re occasionally tempted to take on interesting work outside our scope of expertise, we always think better of it and focus on the things we do best.

For these reasons, we never advise clients in these fields:

  • Capital-market law
  • Criminal tax law
  • Advisor liability
  • Civil cases
  • Accounting and tax returns
  • Annual financial statements

We work closely with colleagues who are very experienced in the fields above. We’ll gladly recommend them to you.