Transaktionen BLOMBERG München

Exciting Transactions Are Our Passion

Transactions entail large sums of money, quick decision-making and people who don’t always keep calm. For these reasons and others, you’ll benefit considerably from our years of experience. After all, we’ve overseen countless of transactions. Whenever necessary, we also guide clients through audits. Please refer to our list of transactions for a selection of published transactions in which we played key roles.

The dynamics of a transaction can present special challenges to everyone involved. What was not even a topic of discussion yesterday is expected by tomorrow. As a small law firm with a flexible organisation, we can keep up with this pace.

Therefore, even in complex transactions and under high time pressure, we ensure that you achieve the best possible result with the transaction from a tax perspective. And because we both are two-in-one attorneys-at-law and tax advisors, we have a firm grasp of the legal and economic aspects of a transaction.

We support you right from the preparation stage, we accompany you during the transaction and we are still at your side after its completion. That’s why we are the right contact for you, especially for: