Complex problems require structured thinking

German corporate tax law is multifaceted and complex. Regardless of whether we are talking about large corporations, medium-sized entities and small LLCs, all businesses must think about their structures at least once a year – when they submit their tax returns.

You may be wondering if your company’s legal form is still the right form, whether you are ideally tapping structuring opportunities for your company, and how continual statutory changes affect your tax burden.

As lawyers and tax consultants, we help you answer these issues and master other complex issues related to corporate tax law – from both tax and legal perspectives. This allows us to combine our analytical thinking with the development of creative ideas.

As a core element of our expertise, we combine our advice on structures with their subsequent set-up. We know where your corporate structure can be improved. Once you make your decision, we will implement the necessary measures for you. Upon request, we can reassure you by obtaining binding information (verbindliche Auskunft).

In legally challenging constellations we also offer expert clarification, or a second opinion, on specific legal matters pertaining to corporate tax law. We can do this for you proactively or as a countermeasure during a tax audit or litigation.

Some of our consulting services on structural matters in corporate tax law are:

Choosing a legal form

There is a suitable legal form for every size of company and every industry. We can determine which one is right for you by considering taxation, corporate law and economic aspects.

Statutory changes

We can explain to you which statutory changes have been made and which are to be expected. And we analyse for you which sensible adjustments you can make.

Strategy and compliance

As attorneys and tax consultants, we guide you in modifying your corporate structure in order to strategically develop your company or to institute compliance guidelines.

Tax groups and balancing the results

We can identify the advantages of balancing the results between different companies in your group, and set up consolidated tax groups by concluding profit-and-loss transfer agreements.

Operational structures

We can also support you with the appropriate contractual fundamentals when you reassign responsibilities within your company:

  • Cost allocation agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Licence agreements
  • Commission contracts

Corporate finance

We aid you in realigning your external and internal financing structure, mainly by concluding internal loan agreements and setting up a cash pooling solution.